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Looking For Maintenance Free Earthing?

Earthing system  or Chemical Earthing Products


Grounding or earthing is among canoms of safety. If the body of any electrical equipment or machinery is grounded it will pass the current to ground in case short circuit. If a person accidentally touch the body of that machinery which is connector to live wire he will not get electric shock because current is passing through grounding conductor and he has much tower resistance than human body. So resistance of grounding conductor as also a major factor in electric safety.

Inventum power a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial electrical earthing and grounding substances. Our products are developed with the pipe in strips technology & complies with IS 3043 (Code of the practice of earthing). Maintenance-free LPS Earthing Electrodes by making use of metals alloys and natural chemical compositions, the Chemical Earthing Electrodes is able to offer a multifaceted proactive earthing protection approach. The Earthing Electrode is manufactured from custom-made MS Tube to ensure maximum conductivity and prolonged service life. The Gel Earthing Electrodes consists of conductor rich crystalline mixture in order to shield the primary earth electrode in the soil. This could ensure a distinctly conductive state for the fault current to pass on the earth.

System protection is a prime necessity for any electrical installation, that is achieved by earthing.

Inventum Power offers maintenance free earthing that comes with the following salient feature:

  • Pre-cast conductive concrete available in GI/CC/Cu electrode
  • Ease of installation
  • Ultra low resistivity 0.0001 Ω-mt
  • Neutral grey electrically conductive material
  • Eco friendly suitable for all types of soil
  • All variants available to suit residential, industrial and special requirements
  • Very economical for its long life and high reliability
  • No maintenance. Extra long life of over 40 years



  • Lighting conductor earthing
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas production and distribution facilities
  • Railways, underground and surface transport networks
  • Telecommunications, high speed broadband and media
  • Utilities and water treatment plants
  • Defence facilities & equipment
  • Anti-static environment



Our Backfill Compound is known as “Conductive Grounding Minerals” with a view to being used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. Conductive grounding minerals is a mixture of graphite, natural earth minerals and so forth. that is of hygroscopic property to hold the moisture for the long term. In the course of installation with proper water pouring, The conductive grounding minerals will convert into the gel formation and its quality to maintain the moisture up to 20 times its dry volume as it creates a gel layer surrounding of our electrode. Our backfill compound isn't soluble in water moisture property as long as the life of the electrode that's more than 25 years. Our material is soil friendly. Conductive grounding minerals is a combination of completely corrosion free and highly conductive & non-corrosive minerals.


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