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Efficiency Test of Electrical Installations

Looking For Efficiency Test Of Electrical Installations?

System efficiency is key to building energy optimization….. Higher the system efficiency, higher is the productivity of that system…

Inventum Power comes up with efficiency test of the electrical installations in any facility. We have presented the basket of our services as:

Transformer Efficiency Test:

Transformers holds a vital link between the grid supply and the loads.Transformer’s efficiency directlyhave animpacton its performance and ageing.

Inventum Power masters in transformer efficiency test by calculating the transformer losses, input parameters and output parameters with its highly efficient Elspec power analyser. Open circuit & short-circuit tests are also conducted to determine the efficiency of transformer. All Day Efficiency tests for distribution transformers also falls in our basket of services offered…

Diesel Generator Test:

While our power sector is continuously making effort to provide extensive, uninterrupted and reliable grid supply, diesel generator hold a great importance as preferred power back-up in every prominent commercial/non-commercial sectors.

Inventum Power reviews operation & performance of Diesel Generator sets through units generated, combustion analysis and diesel consumption.

Specific fuel consumption is calculated and recommendations for energy conservation opportunity and optimization is recommended.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Study

Review the performance of chillers, refrigeration & air conditioning systems. To examine the energy efficiency ratio, loading and energy consumption, available Tr in the area as per existing & for the proposed recommendation to suggest energy conservations means to improve efficiency of the system.

Boiler Study

Inventum Power covers the below presented key areas for boiler study :

  • Review the performance of boiler
  • Review the losses and combustion efficiency of boiler
  • Study of heat processes and specific heat consumption
  • Study of trap system
  • Identify heat recovery potential and suggest recommendation to attain so…


Furnace Study

Under furnace study, Inventum Power covers the below presented key areas:

  • Review the performance of furnace in terms of SPC
  • Review the efficiency of furnace under actual and ideal conditions
  • Study of power quality parameters
  • Automation of the existing system with PLC or PPPID or PID or…..
  • Review of the insulation health
  • Comes up with the measures for optimizing the performance and energy conservation
  • Designing/Engineering/Supply & Installation of entire system


Compressor Study

Inventum Power covers the below presented key areas for compressor study :

  • Review the performance of compressor
  • Review the efficiency of compressor
  • Conduct FAD & Leakage test for compressor
  • Identify the scope for optimizing the performance and energy conservation

Motor Efficiency Test

Under motor efficiency test, Inventum Power covers the below presented key areas:

  • Review the performance of motors and pumps, storage and distribution systems
  • Review the efficiency of motors & system
  • Explore the energy conservation techniques and optimization



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