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Other Services

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Earthing System Test & Earth Leakage Test

Effective earthing is necessity of all electrical installations in a facility. Inventum Power the below presented key areas, under this study:

  • Health check up of the existing earthing system
  • Recommendations for best practices as per Indian Codes and Standards
  • Measuring leakage current through ground conductor


APFC Health Check-up

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels holds a important role of reactive power compensation and maintaining Power Factor. An effective and efficient APFC system must be installed in a facility to get the desired results.

Invetum Power’s team check the health of existing APFC system and covers the below presented key areas:

  • Derating & misfunctioning of capacitors, reactors & other switchgears
  • Check the designing of existing system with reference to the site requirement


Servicing of ACB/VCB/OCB

Circuit breakers are vital part of power distribution system and proper servicing and maintenance of theses on regular intervals becomes much crucial to ensure its efficient operation.

Inventum Power offers servicing of ACB/OCB/VCB installed in a facility and suggest recommendations for its efficient and smooth operation.


Transformer Hydration

Transformers asks for filtered and dried oil for their smooth operation… The efficiency of the oil as an insulating material is highly reduced as the moisture level increases. We offer transformer hydration in which all the undesirable elements like solid particles, dissolved gases and dissolved water are eliminated from the oil to ensure smooth and  efficient operation of transformer.


Relay Testing

Protection Relay and other control relays in any electrical distribution network plays a vital role in reliability and safety of the power system. Their accurate and efficient operation at the time of fault lends a helping hand in detecting the fault instantly and isolate the system to ensure minimum impairments to the whole power system.

Inventum Power excels in relay testing and calibration of relays to ensure their smooth and efficient operation at the time of any fault in power system.



We offer Meter Calibration services that is carried out by advanced and accurate reference energy analyzers. Meter calibration is very important to ensure that right energy charges are collected by bulk consumer from various sub metering consumers.  These services are widely appreciated for their reliability and accuracy Further, these are services are provided according to the requirements of the clients and at most affordable prices.


  • Active Harmonic Filter
  • Hybrid Power Factor Correction Panel
  • DVR
  • APFC
  • LT Panels
  • Earthing
  • Power Quality Analyzer

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