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Power Quality Analyzer

Looking For Power Quality Analyzer?

Power Quality has been a growing concern for every industrial sector. Diverse methods and techniques has been launched into market to address the issues leading to poor power quality.

Inventum Power very well understands the importance of good power quality and come up with techniques to ensure good power quality, efficient power system in any installation.

Inventum Power puts forward its its highly efficient power quality solutions to address the power qualities issues and deliver a pollution free power to electrical system.

Active Harmonic Filter:

In order to mitigate the power quality issues and save power from being polluted or impaired, Inventum Power takes this platform to introduce its highly advanced and efficient IGBT based Active Harmonic Filter.

Active harmonic filter is an intelligent IGBT based device that address all the power quality issues prevailing in the power system. Where traditional solution fails to deliver the results, active harmonic filter has proven itself to be the best. Whether being a welding load application or highly fluctuating load profile, Active harmonic filter has proven results. Active harmonic filter is capable of addressing all the power quality issues that persists in a electrical system. 

Active Harmonic Filter is a whole sole solution to address all power quality issues in a system. Salient features of Active harmonic filter has been enlisted below:

  • Ultra Fast Reaction time < 200 microseconds
  • Step-Less & Précised Compensation
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Harmonic Mitigationupto 51st harmonic order
  • Delivers both leading and lagging reactive compensation
  • Load Balancing
  • Negative sequence current compensation
  • Delivers neutral compensation
  • Proven results on welding and highly fluctuating load profile
  • Optimal utilization of electrical installation
  • Proven Results on welding loads
  • Reduced energy bills and optimized load demand
  • Reduced failure rate
  • Reduced production down time
  • Enhanced system efficiency and productivity
  • Improved Power factor near to unity
  • Improved voltage profile
  • Reduced heating losses
  • Available models: Ippl-415-ahf3 (3 Phase, 4 wire) & Ippl-415-ahf4 (4 Phase, 4 wire)
  • Power Loss < 3% of the rated capacity

Typical Installations:

  • Print Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Auto ancillaries & welding parts
  • Steel plants, Rolling Mills & Furnaces
  • Railway Traction System
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Cement Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Hospitals & Hotels
  • Textile Industry
  • Commercial & Residential Complexes
  • Mineral Ore Industry




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Looking For Power Quality Analyzer?

A comprehensive energy management and power monitoring program is the key to success for any energy provider/consumer, regardless their size. Inventum Power offers of wide range of highly reliable power quality analyser with the below listed features:

  • High Sampling Frequency
  • High Reliability and Resolution of recorded data
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Huge Data Storage due to patented data compression
  • Accurate detection and & isolation of Power Quality problems
  • Detects transients in the system even for the microseconds
  • Record Current Harmonic distortion upto 127th order including individual, even, odd and total
  • No missed events
  • Records below enlisted power quality parameters:
  • Voltage & current:  per phase, average, unbalance
  • Frequency
  • Power & Energy: bi-directional, import, export, net and total
  • Load demand
  • Harmonics: Voltage, Harmonic, Total Demand Distortion
  • Voltage Transients



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