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Power Quality Audit

Looking For Power Quality Audit?

Over a decade, power quality has become a growing concern for any business. Increasing fuel costs and regulations from electricity board has emphasized the need of good and efficient power quality for any industry.

Any power issues manifested in voltage, current or frequency deviations that results in failure or mis-operation of equipment (s) is referred as “power quality”. Good Power Quality leads to more reliable and efficient system operation for any industry hence increasing the productivity and reducing the energy costs.

Inventum Power specializes in analysing power quality at any facility, root cause analysis & resolution of power quality issues.

Why power quality needs to be monitored…….

·         Bad Power Quality causes Frequent tripping of equipment due to disturbance in supply voltage leading to increased down time

·         Bad power quality lowers productivity and drive up the production costs

·         Bad power quality leads to inflated energy costs

·         Bad power quality decelerates the efficiency of the system

Factors leading to Poor power Quality…..

·         Voltage fluctuations & Harmonic distortions

·         Low Power Factor that leads inflated electricity bills along with accelerated load demand

·         Power Electronic loads like Variable Frequency Drives, Welding machines, CNC machines etc…

·         Other factors like high neutral, unbalanced loads, improper earthing, inadequate wiring plan & undersized circuit designing 

Benefits of Power Quality Study….

ü  Reduced inflated energy bills/load demand

ü  Root cause of nuisance tripping in electrical system

ü  Enhanced operational efficiency of electrical installations

ü  Improved system reliability

ü  Extended life span of equipment (s)

ü  Reduced production down time and failure rates

Inventum Power masters in ……

ü  Monitoring Power Quality in compliance to the standards prescribed by IEEE

ü  Root Cause analysis and resolution for poor power quality

ü  Harmonic & Flicker allocation along with planning level studies

ü  Best quality power analyser… Elspec Black box to record the site data

ü  Quality data interpretation, analysis and report

Cost Effective and efficient recommendations to address poor power quality

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