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Safety Audit

Looking For Safety Audit?

Safety Audit identifies different levels of risk in each work area of an organization. Inventum power identifies such areas and recommends the best solution to address the risk to make it a efficient workplace.

Inventum Power offers:

Electrical Safety Audit:

Electrical Safety Audit has become of the crucial element to the proper maintenance of any facility.

Electrical safety audit is done in accordance to the assessment of the Legal Compliance at the facility to India Electricity Act and Rules. It also covers:

  • Identification of risks and level of protection needed in the electrical network system.
  • Competency level of the operating personnel, capability building considering standard Do’s and Don’t’s for electrical safety.
  • Diagnose various on-going areas of losses in the facility and recommend measures for improvement.
  • Check for the electrical safety measures at a facility that lend a hand to avoid fire hazards due to electrocutions i.e. contact with overhead power lines, failure to properly de-energize electrical equipment prior to work, wiring error or misidentified wiring.  

Fire Safety Audit:

Country witnesses several calamitous fire hazards that have encountered thousands of lives and damaged property worth billions. Fire Safety has been a growing concern towards saving life and property.

Inventum Power carries out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential fire hazards involving personnel, premises, services & operation method.

We ensure that occupational Safety & Health System fully satisfy the legal requirements and those of company’s written safety policies, objectives & progress.

Health Safety Audit: Inventum Power covers Ergonomic design, OHC setup, OHC audit and medical check up of the employees ensuring a healthy employee working in a healthy surrounding.

Environment Audit: Inventum Power covers EMS audits, Zero discharge system, Pollution control, plantation ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.

Disaster Management: Inventum Power covers Mock drill, On site emergency plan, Off site emergency plan & disaster management plan to elude from any kind of disaster.



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