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Looking For Thermography?

Thermography is done to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation or other potential problems in energized electrical components. These problems may lead to excess power use, increased maintenance costs, or catastrophic equipment failure resulting in unscheduled service interruptions, equipment damage, or other problems.

Inventum Power experts in conducting thermography, examining & rectifying the identified equipment issue with the aim of averting losses and maintaining uninterrupted service.

Need for Thermography….

Referring to a study, The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 10%  of the fire incidents occurring in manufacturing units/any industry are related to electrical system failures, such as failure of electrical insulation, terminals, and related components.

In addition to this, failures can cause employees to be exposed to live electrical circuits, making them susceptible to serious injury or death from electrocution. By detecting high-resistance connections and repairing them, the likelihood of a breakdown of the electrical wires and related components can be addressed.

Other advantage of detecting and fixing such faults are cost savings from energy conservation and lower outage and repair costs.


Thermal Imaging Cameras serve the purpose of thermography and identifying the issue by sensing of heat emitted from the surface of an equipment in the form of infrared radiations. These instruments detect and convert the infrared radiation into a thermal image, which can be used to assess the thermal condition of the object at the time of measurement.

Factors contributing to such issues….

  • Loose Electrical Connections
  • Inadequate wiring plan
  • Overload circuits
  • Impaired insulation
  • Insufficient lubrication

Benefits of Thermography…..

  • Monetary Savings
  • Prevent catastrophic failures
  • Optimal operation of equipment (s)
  • Fewer downtimes as a result of prior inspection and repair
  • Reduced Risk factor
  • Safe working environment as the installations are safe from catastrophic defects
  • Enhance life span of electrical installation
  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic fire events


Thermography services required for :-


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