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Water Audit

Looking For Water Audit?

In this hour of crisis when water is fast becoming a precious commodity, industries, organisations, and all manufacturing units are focusing on carrying out water audit which not just quantify water consumption but also give an idea of how much water can be used, reused, conserved and is being wasted. 
Water audit can be best defined as a quantitative analysis of water consumption to identify means of reducing, reusing and recycling of water. 
Inventum Power offers its best technician to serve the purpose of water management for any industry with their excellence in locating an elusive leak and recommend for best water management strategies.
Investigation of source water quality, analysis of water usage and losses at different levels of the distribution and processing levels. A comprehensive log of all water usage levels is uploaded onto the Waterline system presenting water consumption patterns. After complete understanding of the log, we shall provide you with the recommendations to minimise both your resource costs and consumption along with the techniques to maximise the natural resource wherever possible.
We also address every aspect of overcharges applied by your supplier, proving the opportunities identified through a historical audit. The audit will validate all charges levied by assessing the meter capacity and accuracy, testing the integrity of your supply, understanding your consumption and assessing your drainage and trade effluent discharge. Solutions are recommend where the scope of improvement is found.
Over consumption of water resources due to any leakage, shared supply or internal inefficiency of the water system, solutions to address leakages, water separations and faulty equipment (s) will be done. 
Inventum Power also extends its business support for planning and execution of Water conservation techniques viz., water recycling, rainwater harvesting etc…

What is 

Water Footprint/ Water Audit

The water footprint of a product is the volume of freshwater used directly or indirectly to produce the product, and to run and support a business. and  A water audit is a “Systematic approach of identifying, Measuring, Monitoring and Reducing the Water Consumption by various activities in an Industry”. Water auditing is a method of quantifying water flows and quality in simple or complex systems, with a view to reducing water usage and often saving money on otherwise unnecessary water use. There is an increasing awareness around the globe of the centrality of water to our lives.


Water Balancing – Efficiency

Under Water Audit services we provide you better water efficiency solutions and cost savings. Inventum Power  comprehensive water auditing projects help you to meet internal policies, comply with legal obligations or demonstrate your commitment towards sustainability

Water is a critical natural resource with a very high strategic importance to the business. 


WATER FOOTPRINT AUDITS in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad

Inventum Power is a company providing water audit services for Qualitative and quantitative analysis of water consumption. Our water audit experts helps you to analyze the risk of water loss and our water audit team will let you know the opportunities associated with water to manage water efficiency as part of the sustainability strategy.




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