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Inventum Power’s Active Harmonic Filter is an advanced 3-level modular IGBT-based solution that addresses all the power quality issues like harmonic distortion, poor power factor, load unbalances and high neutral current. We design our systems in such a manner that they are capable enough to withstand rugged climatic and grid conditions.

We are using latest IGBT technology to give more efficiency and enhanced life to the equipment. We offer a wide range of AHF ratings suitable for different load conditions.

AHF Principle:

Active Harmonic filter is connected in parallel with non-linear loads and uses current transformers (CT) to detect the load current. It calculates each order harmonic current by FFT algorithms in its DSP microchips and then generates a compensating current with the same amplitude but opposite phase angles to the detected harmonic current, which cancels out the original load harmonics.

The Active Harmonic Filter not only eliminates harmonic current from the load side, but it also mitigates harmonic voltage caused by harmonic currents. The APF system can also improve power factor (PF) and correct load imbalances in the power system.

What Active Harmonic Filter brings you….

  •        Compliance to IEEE 519, Power Quality Norma

  •        Zero harmonic Penalties

  •        Reduced Electronic/Component Failure

  •        Load Unbalance Reduction

  •        Neutral Compensation

  •        Unity PF (If AHF Delivers Reactive Compensation)

  •        Maximum PF Incentive

  •        Reduced KVA Demand

  •        Optimized Electricity Bill

Features of Inventum Power’s Active Harmonic filter:

  •        Smaller carbon footprint

  •        Step less mitigation/compensation

  •        Ultra fast instantaneous reaction time < 100µs and full time response <20ms

  •        Provides: Harmonic Mitigation, Reactive Power Compensation, Unbalance Compensation

  •        Compensates a wide range of harmonics from 2nd order to 50th order harmonics

  •        Harmonic Attenuation ≥ 98%

  •        Bi-directional Reactive Compensation

  •        Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated APF kVA)

  •        Excellent imbalance correction: Both negative and zero sequence, mitigates neutral current

  •        Modular design; highly reliable design with 3 level topology

  •        Intelligent Air cooling, IGBT paralleling technology and international brand electronic device

  •        Wide capacity range: 50A~525A for a single unit

  •        Environmental adaptability: -10~50°C temperature,

  •        Compatible with diesel generator

  •        Proven results on welding and fluctuating load profile

  •        Protection:  Grid Over/Under voltage, APF over current, over temperature

  •        Network Configuration: 3Phase, 4Wire & 4Phase, 4Wire

Advantages of Inventum Power’s Active Harmonic Filter:

  •        Reduced Failure rate

  •        Enhanced system efficiency and productivity with reduced production time

  •        Reduced energy bills and optimized load demand

  •        Harmonic Mitigation + Reactive Compensation + Load Balancing + Neutral Compensation

  •        Both Inductive & Capacitive Reactive Compensation

  •        Compatible With Diesel Generators

  •        Proven Results On Welding Application And Highly Fluctuation Load Profile

  •        Displays Power Quality Parameters For Grid Side, Load Side And Harmonic Filter

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