Hot spot identification in electrical panels

Thermography services :-   Thermography is predictive maintenance analysis that detects load unbalance, poor connections, potential problems or any deteriorated insulation in the electrical or mechanical system in the network. Thermography analysis provides complete documentation of thermal patterns detected in the electrical & mechanical installations.

Thermography Analysis search out the area of heat dissipation/higher temperature and the corrective measures to fix it before it causes any excess power consumption, increased maintenance cost, catastrophic equipment failure or equipment/human damage.

Why do you need Thermographic study of electrical panels?

Referring to the study done by National Fire Association (NFPA), approx.10% of the total fires occurring in manufacturing units and industries are related to failures in the electrical system, viz., failure of electrical insulation, terminals, and other related components.

Thermography helps identify the faults/loopholes in our electrical system in the form of hot spots. Hot spots highlights the increased resistance in a circuit, over loading or insulation failure. Thermography test unlike any other preventive maintenance schedule doesn’t need shutdown or interruption in the operating system.

Maximizing uptime and maintaining the assets is a primary requisite for complex and sophisticated process systems. Even a short term production loss or breakdown could result in business loss. Thermography helps to identify the fault before a breakdown occurs. This gives us the opportunity to solve the problem as part of scheduled maintenance before it becomes a serious issue.

What Thermography will bring with it?

  •        Enhanced Safety

  • Identifies unbalanced loads, Cable overheating and stressed electrical elements

  •        Reduces the risk of an electrical fire

  •        Scheduled maintenance is possible

  •        No production loss

  •        Enhanced equipment life

  •        Downtime reduction

  •        Improves system performance

  • Determines compliance with relevant standards

What calls up for Thermography Analysis?  

  •        Increase in energy consumption without any actual increase in load

  • Equipment process slowdown

  •        Unexplained power surges/outages

  •        Equipment running hotter than usual

  •        Lights are dim when one or the other equipment is brought into operation