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Inflated energy and fuel costs contribute to major revenue expenditures for any industry or organization. We understand the need for energy management and offer a reliable and effective solution to manage production costs with upgraded system efficiency…

Energy Audit is achieving profitability with productivity and performance of the system. An inspection survey with energy flow analysis for Energy Conservation in a process or system yields energy saving coming up with reliable system performance.

Types of Energy Audit Services

  1. Category I: Baseline Study for Benchmarking or Walk Through Energy Audit Services that yield identification of energy-saving opportunities, a qualitative analysis of the implementation of energy-saving measures, and an estimation of its potential energy saving.

  2. Category II: Detailed Energy Audit Services and Saving out turns energy balance and a list of energy efficiency measures derived from performance or building facility. The results also include an analysis of the financial aspect in support of each of the identified measures in order to categorize and prioritize the implementation of these measures.

  3. Category III: Investment Grade Energy Audit leads to real energy demand and an energy balance. This audit proposes bundled measures, with a financial plan as well as implementation and savings verification plans.

  4. Post Audit implementation of Energy Saving proposals sets out analysis of the reliability and effectiveness of the recommendations on the existing system

  5. Energy Audit Under Perform Achieve And Trade (PAT) Scheme

Why Inventum Power for Best Energy Audit Services ??

Inventum Power stand out as a BEE ESCO (Engineering Service Consultancy) certification by the Ministry of Power and an efficacious team of BEE Certified Accredited Energy Auditors, BEE certified energy auditors, Industrial experts, and dynamic energy professionals; edges us from our competitors in this market. We are also holding an ISO 9001:2015 certification along with a Class “A” Electrical Contractor license. Our specialization in creating a custom plan to achieve your goal of energy conservation helps us stand ahead on the growth bar. We Inventum Power take pride in being recognized as the Best Energy Audit Company in India. With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully helped numerous businesses across the country identify energy-saving opportunities and implement effective strategies to optimize their energy consumption.

Our service under Energy Audit encompasses:
  1. Boiler Study Energy Audit

  2. Steam System Energy Audit

  3. Hydraulic Systems Energy Audit

  4. Fans & Blowers Energy Audit

  5. Motors & Pumps Energy Audit

  6. Air Compressor Energy Audit

  7. Heat Exchangers Energy Audit

  8. Furnace Energy Audit

  9. Thermopac Energy Audit

  10. Chillers, AHU, FCU & Cooling Towers Energy Audit

  11. Ovens, Foundry and Melting System Energy Audit etc..

  1.      Electrical System Analysis:- Power Quality

Harmonic Analysis at:

  1. Main PCC

  2. Transformers

  3. DG sets

  4. Turbo-Generators

  5.   Drive Section

  6.   Welding Loads

  7.   Motors, Pumps

  8.   Moulding Machines

  9.   UPS Systems

  10.   Machines installed at facility

What comes up with Energy Audit:
  •   Profitability through optimization of energy expenditure

  •   Productivity through optimization of equipment and processes

  •   Performance with the rationalization of energy use


  1.   Reduced load demand

  2.   Driving down the energy cost with lower energy bills

  3.   Reduced production cost

  4.   Reduced maintenance and repair cost

  5.   Improved carbon emissions

  6. Improved system efficiency with system reliability

Energy Audit

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