SVG = Best Reactive Power Compensation

Inventum Power manufacturer heavy duty Static Var Generator (SVG) which can rapidly and continuously compensate both inductive and capacitive reactive power, and correct load imbalance. With sufficient capacity, the SVG ensures excellent fundamental power factor improvement performance.

  • Fundamental Power Factor (Cosφ) ≥ 0.999 (improves both leading and lagging PF)

Inventum Power Static var generator Features:-

  • Multifunctional: Reactive power and imbalance compensation

  • Excellent reactive compensation: High speed, Precise (-0.99≤Cosφ≤0.99), Step-less, Bi-directional (capacitive and inductance) compensation

  • Excellent imbalance correction: Both negative and zero sequence, mitigates neutral current

  • Wide input voltage & frequency range, adapts to tough electrical environment

  • Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated SVG capacity), efficiency ≥ 97%

  • High stability: Infinite impedance to grid, avoids harmonic resonance problem

  • Flexible application: Modular design, embedded in standard or customized cabinet

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Easy installation for APF module replacement and expansion

  • Wide capacity range: 50kvar~350kvar for a single cabinet, up to 10 cabinets in parallel

  • Environmental adaptability: -10~50°C temperature, compatible with diesel generators

  • Complete protection: Grid over/under voltage, SVG over current, over temperature, and others. All faults recorded in event log, convenient for failure analysis

High Reliability

  •  Module redundancy technology

  •  Intelligent air cooling technology

  •  Top brand electronic components

  •  Advanced production technology

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